Our Core Values...
  • HONESTY:  We will exemplify the highest standards of ethical and moral
    behavior, which requires complete freedom from deceit or fraud.

  • INTEGRITY:  We will conduct ourselves with uncompromising service to our
    community and this office with a firm adherence to ethical principles and sound
    moral character.

  • COMMITMENT:  We pledge an unrelenting determination to serve the community
    and to achieve a standard of excellence in every endeavor.

  • COURAGE:  We will meet adversity, danger, difficulty, or pain without regard to

  • EXCELLENCE:  We will distinguish ourselves as a professional organization,
    whose members work together with pride in providing our citizens exemplary

Our Mission Statement...
  • The Sheriff and deputies of the Breckinridge County Sheriff's Office are
    committed, by adhering without compromise, to our core values, in our resolve to
    providing all citizens of Breckinridge County the highest standard of quality law
About The Breckinridge County Sheriff's Office
Breckinridge County
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