Breckinridge County Sheriff's Office
Breckinridge County
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To Pay Property Taxes Online:
  • Online tax payments can be accepted starting November 1, 2019. Click the
    link for tax bill lookup below or use the bill number and street number from the
    2019 bill you receive in the mail, then click on the online payment link to pay
    and follow the instructions. GovTeller convenient pay processes our
  • Online payments incur an additional 2.5% convenience fee or a minimum
    $1.50 on the first $60.00 due on each bill paid online. This fee goes directly
    to the processing company. We accept Visa/Mastercard/Discover, as well as
    eCheck. A chargeback fee and insufficient funds fee per occurence applies
    on insufficient eCheck transactions.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to pay your tax bill online, you must pay the full
    exact amount of the bill. If you do not wish to pay fire department dues, you
    must either mail your payment or pay at our office to include the green 'opt
    out' form with your payment for us to be able to remove fire dues from your
    bill OR you can pay your entire tax bill online and request a refund of fire
    dues from the fire department listed on your bill(s). If you wish to pay
    online and you have problems, please call our office at 270-756-2361.

PLEASE NOTE: 2019 property tax collection begins November 1, 2019. We
cannot accept or process payments until November 1, 2019. Tax bills will be
mailed October 31, 2019.

Any tax bills not paid by end of day April 15th will be transferred to the
Breckinridge County Clerks Office for further collections and subject to
additional penalties and interest.
  • 2% Discount:   November 1st - November 30th
  • Face Amount: December 1st - December 31st
  • 5% Penalty:      January 1st - January 31st
  • 21% Penalty:    January 31st - April 15th